Cigar Review: CAO Solfyre

To say that there are a lot of options for cigar lovers these days would be the understatement of the century. Whether it’s different shapes, sizes, blends, strengths, and even flavors, the choices seem endless. CAO has added to this growing list of limitless choices by introducing CAO Flavors. Two of these new flavors, Margaritaville Piña Colada and Solfyre (cinnamon whiskey) quickly caught our attention since we have also been known to sell a bottle or two of those flavors of spirits.


I sampled the Solfyre. It was created to match the continued adoration for all things cinnamon. Unless you’ve been living under a rock then I am certain that the name Fireball rings a bell. Since its massive growth, many other spirits companies have rushed out their versions of the hot, cinnamon elixir. This is why I wasn’t shocked to see a cigar that looks to capitalize on this craze.

The CAO Solfyre that we will soon have in our stores is a petit corona. I can assure you that though it may be petit in size, it is certainly not in cinnamon flavor. When I first smelled the cigar it reminded me of when I was a kid and used to make cinnamon flavored toothpicks. More than once was a kid sent to the principal’s office in my hometown for peddling these things before class, but back to the cigar. Along with the trademark cinnamon flavor, there is also a subtle hint of sweetness. I last smoked this cigar on a pre-work, morning walk with my dog so I was unable to pair it with Fireball. I do imagine that the whiskey should be a perfect companion and I will definitely provide ample amounts of both at my tailgate party this weekend.

Although, these types of cigars are not part of my normal smoke routine, they are popular amongst beginning cigar smokers and are definitely higher quality than the wood/plastic tips things that are sold on the counters of most convenience stores. Remember that all of the infused cigars are still made with premium cigar tobacco and are a 100% natural product.

Whether you smoke cigars or not, this is definitely a neat one to have in your arsenal next to that bottle of cinnamon whiskey; they were certainly made for each other. Now you will have to stay tuned for my Margaritaville Piña Colada review. That one should write itself with all of the easy Jimmy Buffet references.

Chris Gwaltney, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits category manager: premium cigars and craft spirits

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