Two Lands from Jacob’s Creek

“We wanted this collaboration to be thoughtfully hands off,” Ehren Jordan explained. An award-winning (2008 Winemaker of the Year) Californian winemaker, Ehren Jordan’s craft style welcomes groundbreaking methods; letting the fruit ripen into late harvest and using native yeast fermentation (“we really love the broader mid-palate that native yeast yields”) contributes layered intricacy, with velvety texture and taste. Ehren says, “Bernard and I wanted to let the wine do its thing.”

Jacob’s Creek’s Chief Winemaker and master of Australian terroir and intense varietal flavor, Bernard Hickin, explained “… it could be argued that together, Australia and the US wrote the rulebook of New World winemaking.” After tasting their wines, it’s obvious that for Two Lands, bringing together two award-winning winemakers from two domineering winemaking countries brings a level of power (harnessed power, as their website clarifies) that might not have been seen before.

They crafted a gamut of wines that exhibit the trademarks of Californian wine craft and yet seamlessly sew in the ripe, rich characters of Australian wine. Two Lands has done something unique here, capturing “Californian craftsmanship and Australian character, bringing together the best of both worlds.”

“I think that both countries have a bit of a learning curve to hurdle,” Jordan says. “I love French wine, and I drink it at home, but there is something to be said about making wine in the same place for over 2,000 years. The US and Australia can utilize New World methods in the way that we want.”

These members of their portfolio are worth a try:

Jacob’s Creek Two Lands Pinot Grigio

A refreshingly crisp Pinot Grigio with ripe pear, quince and lemon citrus overtones and a delicate soft sweetness on the finish.

Jacob’s Creek Two Lands Chardonnay

Soft, generous chardonnay with ripe melon and white peach flavors, balanced with a touch of zesty citrus and finished with a hint of subtle oak.

Jacob’s Creek Two Lands Cabernet Sauvignon

A generous, rich and smooth Cabernet with notes of blackberry and plum, balanced perfectly with a hint of oak.

Jacob’s Creek Two Lands Shiraz

A full-bodied, flavorful Shiraz showing ripe red berry fruits and a generous prolonged finish.

Allie Smallwood, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits marketing copywriter

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