The Walking Dead

Last week, season six of one AMC’s biggest shows premiered. The Walking Dead had been building up since the fifth season’s final episode earlier this year, and fans were salivating for more zombies.salivating zombieJust one week prior to that, Athens-based Terrapin Beer Co. released the show’s official beer. Cue the insanity of hop heads, craft lovers and occasional drinkers/lovers of the show. As with the Walking Dead, this beer as much anticipated. Rumors flooded the market that a beer was in the works months before we even heard a release date. But finally, much to the happiness of beer lovers everywhere, Terrapin’s Walking Dead appeared in stores for everyone to enjoy just in time for the premier.excitedTerrapin is famous for their hoppy brews, and the show’s namesake beer fits right in line with the brewery’s personality. This blood orange IPA has a healthy dose of hops–Summit, CTZ, Cascade, Centennial, Zythos, Calypso, Citra and Lemondrop–with evident nuances of blood orange. Just don’t expect this to be a fruit beer, and watch your mouth (sunshine). The brewery maintains their reputation with this one.sunshineRobert Kirkman, the show’s creator, teamed up with the brewery to create a beer that screams The Walking Dead, and this bomber delivers. This beer came out in limited distribution and only hit states in the southeast. Thank goodness we’re neighbors to the setting of the show and the brewers of this beer!walking dead labelYou can find The Walking Dead (the beer, obviously) in ABC locations around the state; be sure to call your local beer consultant to confirm. Pick up a bottle (or two) before this Sunday’s episode. It’s perfect for finger foods, light appetizers and Walking Dead viewing party foods.

Meghan Guarino, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits copywriter

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