Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Robusto

While I was rummaging through my humidors in search of something different to talk about this week, I came across a small stash of Cusano 18 Connecticut Robustos that were forgotten; they’d been aging for around two years. I recall picking these fine smokes and really enjoyed them at the time, so I’ll share them with you all today!


Cusano always seems to be one of those “sleeper” brands. Always a great smoke but never seems to get the fanfare it deserves and always overshadowed by something new arriving in the humidor.  The Cusano label which is now owned by Davidoff, even seems to take a back seat in their portfolio of fine cigars. Yet here is a smoke that received a 91 rating several years ago from Cigar Insider and is reasonably priced.

IMG_1833What’s this cigar all about? The lengthy name simply explains what this cigar is made of. The filler is a blend of Ligero Piloto, San Vicente Olor, and Oro Seco from the Dominican Republic that have been aged 18 years.  The Double Connecticut refers to the binder and the wrapper.  These well-aged Dominican fillers are first wrapped in a Connecticut Shade binder and then finished off with a gorgeous Connecticut Shade wrapper. The resulting cigar was a joy to smoke.

This cigar is definitely not a powerhouse of a smoke. It is very mild in strength with not a lot of nicotine present.  Flavors were mild to medium with some hints of roasted nuts and light coffee.  It had an easy draw with a great burn and produced some thick smoke.  While I tend towards the heavier and darker full bodied smokes this was definitely a pleasant experience with plenty of flavor and no harshness.   There are many times when I am just looking for a mild and mellow smoke that still has lots of rich flavors and not looking for a heavy and spicy smoke with a big nicotine kick.

While not an overly complex cigar, perhaps due to the long aging of the filler tobacco, this is a great smoke you should always keep a stash of in your humidor;  nice cigar during the day or a smoke just before bedtime when you want the cigar experience without the big bold spiciness and heavy nicotine.  This is just a wonderful mellow cigar that will satisfy both the long time smoker and the beginning smoker.


Steve Mungeer, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits category manager:  premium cigars and craft beer, Certified Retail Tobacconist

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