Lawn Mower Beers

ColdbeerLet’s face it, at this point in the year, we’re still sweating when we step outside to mow the lawn, pull the weeds and edge the driveway. That’s the way it goes here in Florida. But the one good thing about this weather is that we can use it as an excuse to break from the fall and winter seasonals to refresh in a pint of a lighter style beer.LawnmowerDo you drink the “all-American beers” during a long day of yard work? When I think of “lawn mower beer,” I think of a pilsner, a shandy, a pale ale, an IPA or a wheat beer. I want a sessionable, yet refreshing beer between 4%-6% ABV.

A lawn mower beer is defined as, “Any beer low in alcohol content that is highly quaffable. A style of beer you want to drink after working hard in the yard on a hot Florida day. Usually a crisp pale lager or ale with moderate to high carbonation. Must be very well-chilled.”

liquid goldSome of my all-time favorites while doing yard work are Sixpoint Sweet Action, Anchor Steam, Brooklyn Summer Ale, Time Traveler, and/or Wittekerke. I also agree with, “Not too much malty, not overly hoppy and not sickeningly fruity.”

For post-yard-work eats, I have found this fantastic salad called Arugula Salad with Sweet-and-Sour Beer Dressing. For this particular dish, I love Cigar City Florida Cracker. But when I add chicken or shrimp, I toast with a Lindeman’s Framboise.

What do you consider a lawn mower beer?

Nadine Sweeten, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Beer Consultant

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