It is Beaujolais Nouveau Time Again!

The first wines of 2015 will be available today, November 19th at an ABC Fine Wine & Spirits store near you!

The story of Beaujolais Nouveau started more than 70 years ago; in 1951 a minor change to the AOC regulations for Beaujolais permitted the distribution of Beaujolais wines on November 15 instead the previous December 15 date. Georges Duboeuf, a talented Beaujolais producer and négociant, rushed the freshly fermented new Beaujolais to Paris where it was an immediate hit. Within a few years Beaujolais Nouveau became a national event in France. “Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé” was and still is the slogan. Europe and the rest of the world were conquered by the Beaujolais Nouveau infatuation shortly afterwards. The date of the release of Beaujolais Nouveau as the third Thursday in November was established in 1985.

Thibault Garin in a swimming pool of Beaujolais Nouveau in Japan.jpg

Winemaker Thibault Garin in a swimming pool of Beaujolais Nouveau in Japan, an annual ritual to celebrate the release of the wine in this country.


The year 2015 was characterized by a hot and sunny growing season, conditions allowing grapes to mature steadily, reaching optimum maturity before harvest.

Harvesting in the Beaujolais region took place under extremely favorable conditions: dry, windy and sunny weather, with cool nights. Yields are lower than previous vintages due to dry conditions this summer and also to aging vines (averaging 44 years old), resulting in richer, more concentrated wines.

Beaujolais vineyards 2

Beaujolais vineyards

The 2015 Beaujolais Nouveau exhibits abundant garnet color and typical-for-the-style aromas and flavors of raspberry, strawberry and violet, but also some  dark berry fruit and black cherry this year. The 2015 is a great vintage in Beaujolais that many compare to the memorable 2009.

Beaujolais Nouveau is not a wine to sniff, swirl and contemplate too much – rather a light-hearted wine to enjoy in a relaxed way; it should be served slightly chilled as aperitif or to complement variety of dishes like grilled meats, pastas and roasted pork and poultry. It is the perfect complement to a turkey meal. Do not miss on a great holiday wine!

The following two Beaujolais Nouveaux 2015 are available at most ABC Fine Wine & Spirits stores today: Marechal ($10.99) and Georges Duboeuf ($9.99).

Atanas Nechkov, Wine & Spirits Supervisor

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