5 Reasons You Need A Cocktail After Black Friday Shopping

I won’t even try to talk you out of shopping today–why would I? There are so many gadgets and good sales out there that you could finish all of your holiday shopping in one fell swoop… If you have the patience to navigate hordes of people and overwhelming traffic, that is. Instead, I’ll give you a few good reasons (call them excuses if you have to) to have a cocktail after you’ve unloaded heavy bags of clothes and boxes of electronics from a bursting car trunk that absolutely sighs with relief after being opened–similar to that top button of your jeans after yesterday’s feast. Let it Go.gif

  1. You won the fight for that 4K TV. It might not have been a fair fight and the person you bested walked away with a wounded ego and nothing more than a couple of HDMI cables. Watching Frozen with your kids will never be the same. Crying gif.gif
  2. You lost the fight for that 4K TV. There is nothing guaranteed during Black Friday. Well… Except for that cocktail waiting to be made when you get home. Don’t shed tears of sadness because you didn’t get what you wanted; shed tears of happiness because now you don’t have to wait in a long line to buy it.Excited gif.gif
  3. You saved more money than you would have if you shopped any other day of the year. After all, that is what Black Friday is about, right? Celebrate a successful day of shopping with your favorite cocktail.alarm clock.gif
  4. This is the earliest you’ve ever woken up all year. Punctuate your day with a post-shopping tipple. And maybe a nap. You’ve earned it after actually getting out of bed without pressing snooze more than once.crazy gif.gif
  5. You maintained your sanity. After shuffling through crowds, picking through sale racks, fighting for parking spaces and waiting in endless lines, if you somehow kept even an ounce of sanity, you deserve a cocktail.

Follow us on Pinterest for cocktail ideas and recipes–it’s at least a good way to spend your time waiting in line.

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