5 Things You Never Knew About ABC

Jacks.pngYou already know we’re on every other corner in Florida, and that we’ve been around for a long time. Long enough that your parents and grandparents tell you stories about rotating bars and drive-throughs in Jacksonville. But we’ve come a long way since we opened in 1936 (yeah, 80 years). Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about ABC. Tell us your favorite ABC memory below or tweet us @abcwinecountry.

  1. We’re family-owned and, contrary to a lot of people who call our customer service line, we’re only in Florida. We know there are several other “ABC stores” across the Florida border, but many of those are state-run and are most certainly do not belong to the ABC you know right here in the Sunshine State. We were founded in Orlando (where our current headquarters is located) by Jack Holloway, and proud to be local to the state.
  2. Straight Up Mr Bailes Smile.jpgIn fact, our CEO is the third generation to run this joint. Charles Bailes III is the commander in chief, and you can often find him [celebrating] at grand openings around the state when he isn’t too busy leading the company, of course.
  3. When we ventured into Jacksonville territory, we bought a 40-store chain called Jax Liquors in 1990. The sale included a all the office furniture from the business’s main office/warehouse which we loaded into a truck and brought to Orlando. The only thing left from that are a handful of chairs somewhere in our current office building.
  4. Any wine, beer or spirit you can buy in Florida, you can get at ABC. It may not be stocked on our shelves in every ABC you go to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get it. If you want it, we can special order it for you. All you have to do is ask.
  5. We giveaway a ton of stuff on our Facebook page. If you haven’t found your way there every Wednesday, make that your resolution this year. (Here’s the link!) From wine barrels to coolers, concert tickets to snowboards and beach cruisers, we have the goods and we’re givin’ them to our Florida fans every week.


8 thoughts on “5 Things You Never Knew About ABC

  1. Collie says:

    Disgruntled : I shop at store # 146 an and on the ABC bill board as you enter the store it say ”
    we Beat All Local Ad’s ” and i brought in a local ad ( with a savings of $2 on product ) The Store Mgr said ” That Is With A Coupon ” and refused my discount. ” Store Policy “

    • meghangabc says:

      Hi Collie, we apologize for the inconvenience. We will definitely be reaching out to the store to correctly communicate our current policy. Thank you for passing along the feedback!

      • meghangabc says:

        Hi Collie! We do beat competitors prices, however, there are a few guidelines we follow. The competitor must be local. For example, we do not honor advertised prices for a store in Jacksonville at our Cocoa Beach location. Additionally, we do not accept competitors’ coupons. If the advertised price is contingent on a coupon, we can only beat the price before the coupon. We can–and are happy to–beat advertised sale prices, however. A bottle of vodka that is usually $12 is advertised by a competitor for $10, no coupon necessary, would qualify. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you!

    • meghangabc says:

      Hi Gerry! We partner with a few delivery services to deliver locally in most markets. Check out abcdelivers.com to see if we have an option for your neighborhood. We do offer a $10 off $100 wine purchase to ABC Rewards members, but that discount cannot be applied to delivered items since we go through a third party for that benefit. Additionally, items with prices ending in 8 do not qualify for that discount; unfortunately, Dom Perignon is one such item. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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