3 Awesome Wines for Less Than $9

There is a perception among some wine drinkers that to get better wine you have to pay more, and it’s simply not true. You do not need to select a bottle of $150+ Champagne to get a glass of lip-smacking bubbly. There are bottles for less than half that price that taste just as good, if not better. And the same is true for almost every category of wine.

It is those bottles of wine that are perfect for a ladies night in, right? Less money per bottle means your cheese budget just skyrocketed. Or maybe you’re planning dinner with your best girlfriends. A high quality wine is just what you need, and it only helps if that wine is less than 10 bucks, amiright?Here to drink wine

So let me narrow it down for you in the event that you have something going on this weekend. (Or not–who says you have to have a “formal” occasion to grab a corkscrew and wine glass? It’s Friday night! That’s reason enough.) Here are three incredible wines for less than $9 that you should stock up on ASAP.

657055Domaine Vetriccie Ile de Beauté Rosé

This rosé is everything you want in a girls night wine. It’s soft, it’s flavorful and it boasts of cherries and peaches. It is the perfect match for appetizers and guilty pleasures. Watch that episode of the Bachelor you recorded. It’s okay. You’ve earned it and a wine this incredible makes up for any guilt you may be feeling while you judge the cringe-worthy intros.

286805Cascabello Sparkling White

There is always a need for sparkling wine, and this Spanish bubbly, for just $6.99, pairs well with popcorn, fruit, cheese and, if you’re gonna get crazy, grilled fish. The perlage is tight and the palate is teeming with notes of apple, start fruit, citrus and white flowers.

620155Pulse Rosé

Pulse Rosé comes from the French tradition of adding a small amount of grapefruit juice to a wine for a pleasantly delicious, summery wine cocktail. This already has the grapefruit mixed in, so it’s ready to drink, er pour. It’s ready to pour for your friends…

Whatever your plans are this weekend, they should absolutely include wine. And with a selection of high-quality, low-cost wine readily available, you have no reason to not to sip something incredible.

What are you drinking this weekend? Tweet us @abcwinecountry!

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