Two Princes Riesling

Believe it or not, I’m still here.  It apparently was not my destiny to win the billionaire lottery after all.  Recalling my last post, I genuinely presumed I was going to hit the big one, retire and travel through wine country on my winnings.  C’est la vie!

Guess it’s back to the salt mine! Actually, I’m still doing what I love to do: spread the gospel of great wine to our ABC Fine Wine & Spirits guests.  And in my universe, that means more fantastic German Riesling! Here’s a little gem I enjoyed over the weekend with pork chops and roasted potatoes while licking my lottery-losing wounds.

Two Princes

Two Princes Riesling ($13) is produced by winemaker Felix Prinz zu Salm-Salm at Schloss Wallhausen.  Yes, that’s his name and he is a full-blooded prince!  Along with his brother Michael (the second prince of Two Princes) they represent the twenty-third generation of the Salm-Salm family to run this iconic winery in the Nahe.  Remarkably their uninterrupted wine lineage stretches back over eight centuries, making Schloss Wallhausen the oldest estate winery in Germany under continuous family ownership.

As if the historical context isn’t amazing enough, all the wines at their estate qualify as noteworthy too.  The brothers own roughly forty-three hectare of vineyards in both the Rheinhessen and Nahe regions, all of it organically farmed.  The Two Princes bottling is their entry-level offering and represents exceptional value in well-made, off-dry Riesling.  The wine is made entirely with estate fruit grown on red and grey slate sub-soil on southern facing slopes.

It shows lovely balance with a beguiling yellow fruits, zesty acidity and a fresh, mineral-tinged finish.  It’s perfect with pork but has just enough sweetness to pair with mildly spiced Szechuan or Thai cuisine.

Jim Greeley, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Wine & Spirits Supervisor

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