Gasparilla + Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan signingAnchors have been dropped in Tampa in preparation for today’s pirate parade. Gasparilla Pirate Festival is one of the largest parades in the United States–pirates arrive by boat, beads are thrown and drinks abound. Thousands of people are expected to attend this year’s pirate invasion, all led by none other than Captain Morgan.

Yesterday, we spotted the Captain at our Gandy Boulevard ABC, getting guests hyped for today’s event. “I don’t see any Captain in your hand!” he scolded one guest, while high-fiving another who was passing by with a handle of spiced rum in her cart.

As guests entered the store, they were offered a sample–or cocktail–of Captain Morgan Rum or Cannon Blast. And though the store was crowded, we got the opportunity to pull the Captain aside to ask him a few questions.

What are you most excited for at this year’s Gasparilla?

Every year my favorite part is always the parade I love seeing the creativity of the different krewes in Tampa Bay, I love the party goers that are out along the sides of it, and–let’s face it–I love being the center of attention on the parade floats.

What makes a good party?

You’ve got to have the right mix of friends, right? People that are all hyped up on different level of fun–you got people who are ready to go and people who are just kind of calm. And obviously the perfect cocktails. And I encourage my Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and then for a little bit more fun, my new Captain Morgan Cannon Blast. If you haven’t tried it, you absolutely have to.

What’s it taste like?

It’s sweet with a blast of heat. So you’re going to get this nice citrus note right at the beginning and then as it trickles down the back of your throat, you’re going to get a hint of jalapeno. But the greatest part is, about 15 seconds later, it’s completely gone, and off you go again.

When you’re not drinking rum, what’s in your cup?

Well obviously water,  because you’re supposed to re-hydrate. I know that sounds like a commercial, but you do want to hydrate and you want to make sure you’re making it all night long and drinking responsibly.

What’s it like to have your face splattered all over bottles, cut-outs and t-shirts?

Ha! Well, I’m as narcissistic as they come! I’ve never met a reflective surface that I didn’t like, except for the back of a spoon, that one’s a little weird.

What does it mean to “Go Full Captain”?

You know those nights you go all in? You’re with your friends, you’re with your mates and you’re ready to get after it? Well that’s not good enough for me. I want you to go Full Captain. And that’s what we’re going to do here this weekend for Gasparilla.Captain Morgan & guest.jpg

Tell me something most people don’t know about you.

I’m a horrible captain. I crashed ships all the time back in my storied life so I make sure I hire good captains to get me there safely. But I could lead and I could have fun and I would celebrate wins with rum.

What’s the best advice you received before becoming a full-fledged captain?

Keep it between the navigational lines and just run it straight. And I wasn’t very good at it, so that’s what I learned.

What would you say to someone who has never had Captain Morgan Rum?

They must’ve just turned 21. You absolutely have to try it. It’s sweet, it’s easy and it mixes with everything. You could drink it on any occasion.

The Captain added that this year they’re helping up to 1,000 people get home safe with a voucher for Uber. Ask the Caption for yours when you run into him!

If you’re headed out to Gasparilla today have fun and celebrate responsibly.


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