Sumptuous & Ready to Drink

Podere Sapaio.jpgWow, it’s February 1st already. I feel like I’m still recovering from the chaos and craziness of the holiday retail season. Sometimes in November and December you feel like there is an endless avalanche of product flooding into our store and never enough time to properly merchandise it. All the while we are inundated with guests looking for assistance with their wine and spirit selections. Truthfully I’m happy to see the huge deliveries slow down, but helping out guests with their holiday selections is something I never get tired of doing. I feel like somehow I’m indirectly making their special occasion even better.

Of course all guest requests are not the same but one of my favorite questions went something like, “I need a really impressive bottle of red wine that is ready to drink tonight.” Ok, well our stores are loaded with spectacular wines but many of the most profound examples need time in the cellar before they shed some of their youthful, chewy tannins. I did however have one go-to, fool-proof suggestion that never disappointed this holiday season; Podere Sapaio Bolgheri 2006. You are probably thinking I’m suggesting an Italian wine because I’m biased. Well you are partly correct but this wine transcends traditional wine boundaries.

Podere Sapaio is a wine estate founded in 1999 in the Bolgheri region on the Tuscan coast. Wines from this region first rose to prominence during the 1970s with the emergence of the so-called Super Tuscan wines like Ornellaia and Sassicaia. Having won universal acclaim and selling for unprecedented prices, the wines of Bolgheri have earned their place in the discussion of the world’s greatest wines. The mission at Podere Sapaio is to produce world class wines using Bordeaux grape varietals. They seek to produce wines that combine power, elegance and longevity. With the superb 2006 vintage, Podere Sapaio has produced a stunning wine at a reasonable price that is ready to drink tonight.

Paul Quaglini, Wine & Spirits Supervisor

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