Wax On!

I’m always happy to lend a hand in any project that comes along, so when we received a shipment of Garrett Ahnfeldt’s ‘G The Seventh Letter’, and the bottles arrived without their usual silver swirl wax capsule, we called Garrett to be sure he hadn’t changed the packaging to no wax capsule and the top of the cork showing. Garrett is pretty young and out to shake things up, so we had to ask!



k.jpgTurns out he did not intend for the wines to ship naked, so the options were to either return the pallet (not an option, cost and possible harm to the wine) or have the wax sent to us and find some unsuspecting ABC peeps to volunteer (that’s where I came in).


So, crock pot in hand, early last Monday, we cranked up the heat and spread out the 19 cases (228 bottles) and waited for the wax to melt. Almost three hours later, the first bottle was dipped. The crock pot attracted a small crowd, and even when they found out I was not cooking for them, some stayed around to try their hand. It’s not as easy as it seems… sure, dipping a bottle in wax is simple, but doing it well requires a few things we didn’t have: Experience, of course, and hot wax. Our wax was melted, but not hot, so it set quite quickly and not always with the look of professionalism you find when the winery does it. But we persevered, and within an hour and change, we had the project complete!

Stop in when you can, find the wine in the red blend section, and comment on our handy work!

Shayne Hebert, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Wine & Spirits Supervisor

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