The Goblet: An Ode to Rosé

Moet.jpgToday’s guest blog post was contributed by Moet & Chandon.

Is that a goblet, you say? Why, yes! Yes, my friends, it is! White wine glasses are the new recommended vessel for Champagne by the world’s most beloved Champagne house, Moët & Chandon. The bright pink colored goblet pictured matches the liquid inside, making it even more fun and festive. And yes, I want to fill my cupboard with them and fill my fridge with the corresponding rosé Champagne, too. Not just because it’s Valentine’s Day and pink feels so right, but because there never was a better introduction to the category of Champagne as Moet & Chandon Rosé.

That is a bold statement, but here’s why it’s true: Moet & Chandon Rosé wears its heart on its sleeve for you. It doesn’t ask you to concentrate to appreciate it, because you don’t have to. It smiles at you as you pour it into the glass, and you invariably smile back. It wants you to see and smell the best of the Champagne region through its exuberant ruby hue and unabashed berry kiss. It is elegant and chic, but still totally inviting. It’s a hug after a long day kind of friend. Because you’re already happy before you’ve even tasted it. Because the delicate bubbles soothe you and relaxation has officially begun. Because the contrast of sweet strawberry and tart citrus refresh your palate, and the balanced finish leaves you feeling emotionally restored. There is a sort of perfection in the straightforward delight of Moet & Chandon’s Rosé.

And therefore, back to how to drink it—the goblet. First of all, who doesn’t love the notion of a goblet? And why would we ever restrict all this seduction to a tapered, skinny glass? Rosé Champagne is so bold yet loving that it needs a big glass so you can behold it as it beckons you to take a proper sniff and a nice, long sip of it without hitting your nose on the all too tight rim and feeling awkward. We’re 300 years behind- it’s time to take the corset off our rosé Champagne!

So with all the inherent excitement and potential pit falls of a national holiday dedicated to love, allow us to make one decision for you- rosé Champagne is worth every penny. Champagne is the original hand-crafted, artisanal wine. It spends a minimum of two years in a cave becoming the world’s most cherished wine so you don’t have to wait or worry about quality. There is absolutely no chance of disappointment, and a virtual guarantee of pleasure. How many Valentine’s Day engagements can say that?


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