Look For the 8s & Find BIG Savings On Nationally Known Brands!

White wine by the pool.jpgHere at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits we’re very proud of our exclusive brands. We spend a lot of time researching and tasting to find just the right ones. We travel the world to bring back to you, our store guests, wines of great quality in all price ranges that we hope you will find interesting. And we are obsessive about finding just the right ratio between price and quality.

Our Block wines from California have been a huge success. Over the years it has come to be accepted that these Block wines are an amazing quality, from top wine regions, and are offered at great savings (usually around the $20 mark).

In fact we offer great domestic wines which can only be found at ABC at every price point.

And then there are all those terrific wines from the rest of the world. Yes, we’ve covered just about every style and every region and have come up with some pretty exciting (and pretty delicious) choices!


We are also happy to recognize all those great wines from here and there whose names are known worldwide and whose quality is well established. These are often from wineries and producers that over the years our guests have turned into household names:

  • Beringer
  • Clos du Bois
  • Kim Crawford
  • Mark West
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle
  • Barefoot
  • Ecco Domani
  • Cavit
  • Veuve Clicquot

Wine pour.jpg…and so many more. These are the brands that you have come to know and look for in our stores, and we are proud to have them.

Now we want to take that up a level by offering to you a new very low price on these wines. We feel that we are beating out all those regular grocery store prices by several miles. And it’s all as simple as looking for prices that end in the number 8.

So look for the 8s to find exceptionally low prices on the brands that you know and love. Our only proviso is that, because these prices are so low, we cannot accept any other of our own coupons, discounts or rewards with these brands.

Check out the monthly 8s display at the front our stores. There will be bargains galore!

Bill Stobbs, Wine & Spirits Supervisor

Follow me on Twitter @abcwinebills

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