Me, Myself and a Fishing Pole

ThinkstockPhotos-144805913.jpgNot often to I get to sit down and talk about two of my favorite hobbies: Fishing and smoking Cigars. Lucky for me, the pairing is almost perfect. To me, it’s one of the most peacefully relaxing things. When I go fishing I’m generally up and on the water by 6 am. I know it’s early but, I like to enjoy my coffee on the water, watching the sunrise. When I mean coffee, I’m really meaning Drew Estate Tabak Negro.  Tabak Negro is a Connecticut broad leaf Maduro infused with coffee, with sweet latte notes.  I generally start smoking this cigar as I’m prepping the bait on the fishing rods. With such an easy draw on the Tabak it allows me to focus on the task at hand.

Come around a few hours later and I’m generally in a zone. With three or four fish in the bucket already it’s looking like one of those perfect days. By that time, I’m already on to my next cigar. I usually smoke something on the lighter side, like an Ashton Corona. AC is a mild cigar with a Connecticut wrapper from Dominican Republic. It’s a very well-balanced cigar, perfect for fishing or any other outdoor activity. With water up to my waist, the size is perfect. AC is 5 inches, which means I don’t have to commit to such a big smoke.


Being on the water fishing is the most peaceful thing in the world to me. Eight hours could pass without ever getting a single bite, but I’m fine with that… as long as I have a great cigar. The final cigar I would smoke is on the heavier side and also new to the ABC humidor; it’s also currently in my top 5 preferred cigars. New from Rocky Patel is the Sun Grown Maduro, made with Connecticut Broad leaf Maduro. A big, beautiful, full- bodied smoke with a nutty, creamy taste. I’ll admit the last hour or so I’m just sitting and enjoying this masterpiece.

I’m not saying pick up fishing, but it sure makes for a great smoking backdrop.

Ken Ransom, Tobacconist and Beer consultant

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