First Day in Honduras

It was a fairly uneventful flight from Miami to Tegucigalpa for us. Of course the approach and landing at the Toncontin Airport is always a bit of a wild ride, just google “world’s most dangerous airports” if you don’t want to take my word for it.


My companions from ABC on this trip are Paula Simon, John Lauter, Steve Crowley and Will Brain. It is their first cigar excursion and it’s an amazing experience seeing the whole process for the first time.

blog2Most of our first day was spent traveling, smoking cigars, and eating local food. It’s about a two-hour drive from Tegucigalpa to El Paraiso, so it was a two cigar trip for most of us.

Other than getting to know everyone else who has joined us on the trip, the highlight of the first day was our trip to the town Cultural Center. It is here where we were greeted by the Mayor, treated to some local coffee and food, and entertained by the local school kids.

I was amazed at how focused these kids were. They all spoke good English, knew what they wanted to be, and most had plans to attend college in the USA. In a country which so much poverty and crime, these kids are working hard to make something of themselves and have it better than their parents. It was also amazing to see a room full of teenagers and none were texting or playing with their Instagram account.blog3

Today was all about travel with some cultural enlightenment thrown in. Tomorrow it is all about the cigar. We will be visiting a box factory, the tobacco fields, a processing plant, and cigar factory. Oh, and of course the smoking of many cigars will also take place.

Chris Gwaltney, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Category Manager: Craft Beer and Premium Cigars

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