Limoncello, a Delightful Digestivo

ThinkstockPhotos-468178149.jpgIf you have ever been to Italy, particularly Southern Italy, you are no doubt familiar with limoncello. This ubiquitous liquor is served as a digestive after almost every dinner and sometimes even lunch. I fondly recall walking the streets of Sorento and being amazed at how many stores all had their own unique or favorite brand of limoncello for sale or to taste. Most of what you find in the small shops of Sorento is a hand-crafted, artisanal product. Delicious served chilled and especially refreshing after a 3-hour lunch in the warm southern Italian climate. 

Limoncello is the generic name for an Italian citrus-based liqueur. It has long been a staple in the lemon-producing region along the Amalfi Coast in Capri and Sorrento. The Amalfi Coast is known for its citrus groves and narrow, winding roads. Authentic limoncello is made from Sorrento lemons. Families in Italy have passed down recipes for generations.

Costa del Sole Limoncello comes to us from a small family-owned distillery on Italy’s famed Amalfi Coast. The Pappalardo family specializes in producing high quality, artisanal limoncello that is natural and free of any chemical flavorings or color. This differs greatly from some of the mass-produced limoncellos that use invasive filtering, artificial flavoring and coloring. In short Costa del Sole Limoncello is the real deal and one of the best limoncellos you can buy without traveling to the Amalfi Coast.

10 March_Quaglini pic.JPGRefreshing and light, Limoncello is a wonderful palate cleanser and is made for our warm Florida climate. It also works well in many cocktails (lemon drop for one) or even try a little in your glass of prosecco.


Paul Quaglini, Wine & Spirits Supervisor

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