How to Turn Your Thursday Night into a Mini Stacation

Treat yoselfIt’s been a long week and we could all use a break. So why not shoot for ultimate relaxation on the penultimate day of the week? The trick is to turn your usually harried Thursday night into an evening of complete tranquility. Here are 5 ways to unwind tonight, plus the wines you should be sipping as you do.

  1. Bubbles & Bubbles.
    For those of you who work on your feet most of the day, a bubble bath is a little slice of heaven. Bring out the salts, bubbles or bombs and draw a soothing bath. Don a robe, grab your Champagne flutes and clear your mind. Pick up a bottle of La Marca Prosecco (on sale for $13!) on your way home to get your evening started on the right track. Tip: Keep your Prosecco in an ice bucket to keep it cool while you soak. There’s nothing better than chilled sparkling wine while relaxing in a steamy bath.bubble bath
  2. Movies & Merlot.
    Your favorite Tom Hanks rom com that you haven’t seen in three years is waiting for you at home. Pick up a selection of chocolates and a bottle of Block 049 Napa Valley Merlot (on sale for $20) to complete the pairing. The only thing missing now is popcorn and cozy wine and popcorn
  3. Rocking Chairs & Red Blends.
    If the weather in your corner of Florida is favorable like it has been the last few days, take your retreat to the back porch. Sample a few cheeses and sip Navigator Red Blend (on sale for $16) as you watch the sun set on Florida.jennifer lawrence
  4. Take-out & Tempranillo.
    No need to make dinner. You’re on a staycation afterall! Pick up a bottle of Campo Viejo Gran Reserva Tempranillo (now only $18) for the perfect match to pizza. That’s right. Forget your whole foods and clean eating for one night and order your favorite pizza. It’s perfect for this Spanish red wine. pizza 2
  5. An ABC Wine Tasting.
    If you’re more the social type and lucky enough to be in Destin or Charlotte Harbor this evening, join us for a wine tasting at your local ABC! For just $10, you can sample 50+ wines, spirits and cordials. Plus, you get to mingle with fellow wine lovers and learn about your favorite varietals. Get more details on our girls

So tell us: What are you doing drinking tonight?

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