Hoppier than Peter Cottontail

nose twitch.gifTrade in your usual Easter dinner imbibes for something bright, refreshing and hoppy. Here are three brews perfect for pairing with your spring menu this weekend, all sure to make your nose twitch and your mouth water.

New Belgium Citradelic Tangerine IPA

This citrus IPA from New Belgium draws you in with aromas of tangerine, orange peel and lemon. At first taste you get a mouthful of citrus fruits, including grapefruit. The bitter hop component shows itself throughout. Smooth, zesty and light-bodied, Citradelic Tangerine IPA is a nice accompaniment to hiding plastic eggs in obvious places.snoopy gif

Ballast Point Sculpin (Grapefruit and Pineapple)

If you already love Ballast Point IPA, you’re going to really love their Grapefruit and Pineapple renditions. The Grapefruit is a well-made IPA with nuances of citrus masterfully interwoven throughout the palate. The Pineapple hits you in the nose as soon as you start pouring the beer into your glass. A nice hop settles the pineapple flavor, but it’s still evident, though subtle. Both are perfect when painting eggs.painted eggs.gif

Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry IPA

The brewers at Dogfish Head have created a well-rounded brew made with mango, apricot and ginger. The subtleties of the fruit are there, but not strong. Instead, you have a hop-forward IPA with a balanced undertone of rich apricot, bright mango and spicy ginger. Sip this before your in laws arrive for dinner.shaun of the dead gifVisit your local ABC for these three beers and complete your mix-n-match 6-pack with your favorite brews. What will you add to your Easter weekend 6-pack?


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