Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose

Briney Melon is the latest Gose style beer from Anderson Valley, currently available in 6 pack cans March through June, and only 4.2% ABV. Perfect beer to enjoy by the pool to keep you refreshed!

5 April Heather Rogers Pic.JPG

Smell: Slight citrus, watermelon… very pleasant aromas

Color: Hazy light golden with a white foam head

Taste: Very carbonated, salty, pleasantly tart, a little coriander, watermelon on the finish, easy drinking, crisp and refreshing

Gose Facts

Pronounced: Gose-uh

Gose gets its name from the German river Gose, which flows through the town Goslar where the style originated. However, it is mostly associated with the town of Leipzig where it became the most popular beer style by 1900. Many people think it is a newer style of beer, but the Germans have been brewing Gose beers for over a thousand years! The style went away for a while but regained popularity in the late 80’s. It is made using 50-60% malted wheat and the rest is malted barley, unfiltered (which gives it that hazy color), brewed with salt water or salt added, coriander, sometimes other flavors, and then lactic acid added to boil. Gose style characteristics are salty, sour, and very sessionable (4-5% abv).

Heather Rogers, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Store Manager/Beer Consultant  – W. Kennedy, Tampa

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