Le Petit Guiraud

Château Guiraud, a personal favorite among Sauternes, dates back to the early 18 century. A legend was born in1855 when Château Guiraud was officially classified Premier Grand Cru of Sauternes in Bordeaux.

Over a period of 100 years various families succeeded as owners of the estate; during a dinner in early 2006, Robert Peugeot, an industrialist, and three wine makers, Olivier Bernard of Domaine de Chevalier, Stephan Von Neipperg of Château Canon La Gaffelière and Xavier Planty, the estate’s director, decided to buy Guiraud. They signed a purchase contract in July of 2006, thereby uniting their shared passion for wine, gastronomy and nature.

Le Petit Guiraud 2012 and 2011

The wine produced here is made from Sauvignon Blanc (35%) and Semillon (65%) grapes affected by ‘Botrytis Cinerea’ or ‘Noble Rot’, a type of fungus that feeds on the water inside the grapes and thus naturally concentrates the aromas and flavors in the grapes resulting in a Sauternes wine with an exquisite taste. Botrytis brings natural sweetness to the wine and a great range of flattering aromas such as sweet pineapple, candied fruit, black tea, white pepper, saffron,  sandalwood – all coming from this microscopic fungus, the mysterious alchemist of the terroir.

Guiraud vineyard living soil.jpg

Under the expert guidance of Xavier Planty, the wines of Château Guiraud have been certified organic since the 2011. Château Guiraud is the first Grand Cru Sauternes and the only Châteaux in the Bordeaux 1855 classification, to carry the organic logo.

Organic farming begins with regenerating the soil( its biodiversity and grassy vegetation that grows naturally around the vine stock.) An insect census of Château Guiraud’s 128 hectares of vineyards found 635 different varieties, compared to fewer than 200 in ‘conventional’ vineyards. To help expand biodiversity, 3.7 miles of hedges have been planted to help protect insects and feed them in spring, as well as multiple ‘bugs houses’ have been placed throughout the vineyards. The multiplication of insects which feed on vine predators has allowed Xavier Planty to dispense completely with insecticides at Guiraud since 2004.

Available at select ABC stores is the second wine of Château Guiraud, called Le Petit Guiraud.

The 2012 Petit Guiraud in a 375 ml bottle is offered at only $18.99! Best price for Sauternes ever and for that reason not to be missed!

Atanas Nechkov, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Wine & Spirits Supervisor

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