A spirit for the wine guy

It’s not a well-kept secret that I don’t drink spirits very often. Rarely might be a better word. I have had gin once or twice, rum once (on a cruise where the bottle was the prize if you took a timeshare tour… that didn’t end well) and bourbon only because I paid for some Pappy a time or two. I enjoy tequila about once every four years, and I don’t think I ever drank vodka.

But, I do like a few things that are non-wine.


I enjoy Pastis, and I even have a few bottles at home to prove it. Since I have a petanque court in my backyard, it only makes sense. I like Campari too, usually when I need it. Cognac too, I buy that on occasion… and that’s about it.

While, I am not a big fan of cordials (not because they aren’t delicious, just not for me) I did recently try a cream cordial that was very, very good. It is called Blarney’s Irish Cream. I researched it a little, just to know, and even had a sip of a mixed drink made with it. Turns out, even though it is called Irish Cream, the actual cream is from Wisconsin. The whiskey is Irish, single malt to boot, and together they are blended with  a bit of caramel and chocolate flavor to make a sweet, creamy cordial.

The drink is called French Toast! Just shake up equal parts of Blarney’s Irish whiskey, butterscotch schnapps and either cinnamon schnapps or, more in line with the times, cinnamon whiskey. Funny how these three tastes, none of which remind me at all of breakfast, blend up to taste so much like French Toast that you might forget what time it is!

I was also reminded that it would make a lovely B-52 so I may try that another time.

Shayne Hebert, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Wine & Spirit Supervisor

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