Snob versus Connoisseur

It seems no matter where I go, one thing I notice from people who are just getting into the world of craft beer is a level of hesitation. This might be caused by not wanting to be judged by those who are more experienced with selecting what they consider to be good beer. One of the many things I love about the craft beer community is a willingness to share good beers with others who share our passion. From bottle shares to festivals to tastings there are plenty of opportunities to try new things and expand our taste.


These events are also a good way for those new to enjoying craft beers to try new things as well and to experience the comradery that many of us know and enjoy. I myself have found myself out and about and before I know it am sharing and talking about beer with someone who I’ve never met.

The next time someone is in the line at the store or at the bar ordering a beer that an experienced craft beer drinker might not find appealing; remember that the shoe goes on the other foot as well. Some people find the taste of beer to not suite their palate, and that is ok too.

The saying goes that the only wrong choice of beer is to not have one (unless you don’t drink beer of course). So when someone says they like a certain beer instead of being a snob and looking down on them be a true connoisseur and give it a try or share what you’re drinking with them. The craft beer market has boomed over the last few years and for it to continue to grow there should be a very warm welcome to those who want to be a part of the craft beer community.

Chad Edwards, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits – Archer Road, Gainesville

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