5 Tips for a Better Celebration

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You’ve probably hosted a few parties and get-togethers over the years, so you’re feeling like a pro when it comes to prepping for the event. Still, there’s room for improvement. Here are 5 tips to make your gathering just a little bit better.

  1. Know the temperature. For wine and beer, the temperature outside tends to play a factor in what people want to drink. Think lighter beers and white wines for warmer days. The drinks should darken as the temperature drops. Additionally, make sure you chill your beverages for the right amount of time. Red wines should be put into the refrigerator only about 15 minutes before the party starts.
  2. On that note, get expert advice. We have celebration specialists at all of our locations who can help you fine-tune your selection. They may ask a few basic questions to get started, like how many people? or how long is the event? Give them as much information as you can about your party and they’ll be able to help you choose the ultimate array of wines, spirits and beers for your event.
  3. Don’t forget the classics. If you’re serving cocktails, your guests may order classic drinks that require ingredients you otherwise wouldn’t have on hand. Bitters, for example, or vermouth. Be sure to have even these on hand so your drink selection isn’t limited to sodas and juices.
  4. The details. Swapping Solo cups and Sharpies for drink markers is an easy switch that adds to the appeal of your party. Take time to vet out even the small things–your guests will notice.
  5. Tapas. Every party with cocktails, wine and beer should have something to nibble on. Keep it simple or go all out, either way, your guests will appreciate you for it later.

What are your top party planning tips? Tweet us @abcwinecountry!

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