Happy Vine, Happy Wine

Though we shouldn’t need a day to honor Mother Earth, it is nice to have an excuse to pour a glass of wine, right? So happy Earth Day everyone!

The rise of organic products has not gone unnoticed. From fruit to ingredients in cereal, the use of organic foods is more than just a fad. To that end, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is proud to carry several organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines and spirits. One such line of lipsmacking wines is Bonterra.


Right off the bat, the winery’s dedication to maintaining the earth is evident – Bonterra means ‘good earth.’ With winemaker Bob Blue behind every bottle, Bonterra strives for perfection at the beginning: the grape.

With the help of insects, birds and even sheep, the vineyards at California-based Bonterra are maintained with the health of the vine in mind. A combination of organic and biodynamic practices yields grapes of unparalleled vibrancy–that’s what happens when you take care of your vines.

Currently available at most ABC Fine Wine & Spirits locations are a selection of Bonterra wines:


This deep red has notes of dark plums, oak and black berries with a touch of vanilla. Sip this stunning red alongside roasted duck or beef dishes.




SSBauvignon Blanc

For crisp wine lovers, Bonterra offers a white of vibrant acidity and notes of grapefruit, lemon zest and melon with a beautiful honeyed undertone. This one is great for warm days and seafood.




CabCabernet Sauvignon

Bonterra’s Cab is a big, bold, balanced red. Notes of cherry, currant and raspberry intermingle on a palate of spice, vanilla and oak. This complex beauty is perfect for barbecue and lamb.





Honey, toasted almonds, pineapple and crème brûlée greet your nose and entice your palate. A buttery entry leads to flavor of baked apple and pear. Match this to roasted chicken and shellfish for a phenomenal meal.



Toast today to our beautiful Earth. She’s proven that when we treat her right, she’ll return the favor.

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