A smoke and a brew

My most recent find while exploring new pairing possibilities had an excellent turn-out. This time I selected ‘The Calm Before The Storm,’ brewed by Ballast Point, a cream ale with amazing highlights of coffee and vanilla.

This beer had a phenomenal amount of coffee taste with a smooth finish of vanilla. Alone this beer already tastes fantastic and found it difficult to set it down, however I have a bit of an obsession with cigars and what better way to enjoy a great beer than with an equally impressive cigar to compliment it.calm-before-storm

My cigar choice this run was Rocky Patel’s Decade with a Cameroon wrapper. I have enjoyed this cigar multiple times because it has many palate-satisfying notes such as a rich dark chocolate taste and a finish of dark berries and wood. However this time was different. After lighting up one of Rocky Patel’s newer members I took a sip of my cream ale and was finally able to taste paradise! I’m not kidding, people, this is a seriously amazing pairing.


The darker taste of my cigar enhanced the coffee on my palate and the vanilla came through tenfold. I found myself struggling to finish my cigar because I knew that this perfect match was coming to an end. By the time I finished my cigar I knew that I would have to repeat this pairing because when you find perfection you can’t just have it once.

Jacob Marshall, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Tobacconist – Clermont

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