1. NOVICE VS EXPERT | Don’t know which end of the cigar to cut? You’ll still love this trip. Know cigars so well you could start your own shop? You’ll also love this trip. Newbie or aficionado, this trip is made for both and everyone in between.
  2. BREAKFAST CIGARS | Yes, you read that right. There are recommended cigars for you to enjoy with your morning coffee and bagel.
  3. AROUND THE CLOCK | Speaking of breakfast cigars, it’s important to point out that cigars are available, literally, at all times. Enjoying your coffee? There’s a cigar for that. On the bus to the tobacco fields? Perfect time to enjoy a cigar. Touring the cigar factory? Of course you have a cigar in-hand. Needless to say, it’s a cigar-lover’s dream.
  4. 360⁰ EXPERIENCE | Cigar Safari is so much more than a tour. You’re immersed in the experience. From walking between the rows of 6-foot tall tobacco plants in the field and touching the leaves hanging from the ceiling in the curing barn, to watching the hand-rolling of a fresh cigar.Under 4.pngBarn.jpg
  5. PERSONAL BLEND | At the end of both the Joya and Drew Estate factory tours you get to create your own cigar blend which will then be rolled for you to enjoy when you get back home. And let’s be honest, how awesome is it to say you made your own cigar?
  6. CITY OF MURALS | Everything on Cigar Safari happens in the city of Estelí. Before becoming a cigar capital, it was known as the City of Murals. Drew Estate incorporates the city’s art-rich history into everything from their branding and merchandise to the actual cigar-making process. This is why murals can be found in the factory and around the compound you stay at while on Cigar Safari.Under 6.png
  7. SUBCULTURE STUDIOS | Wondering who’s responsible for the killer murals shown above? That would be Drew Estate’s Subculture Studios team. Touring their studio and seeing their artwork is nothing short of jaw dropping. Check out more of their work below and find out more about what they do here.Under 7Under 7_2
  8. A DOSE OF PERFECTION | Enjoying a great cigar with great people + this view = perfection.

Cigar view.jpg

Chelsea Mueller, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Marketing Coordinator


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