World Whisky Day

Snapchat-2801124250043808413 (2).jpgIf you’re reading this, you’re right on time. Grab a dram and take a seat because it’s World Whisky Day!

And it can be a dram of any whisky! There is no whisky better than another on this day–bourbon, Scotch, Coloradoan, South Carolinian, Irish–anything goes on World Whisky Day. So while you pour you glass of liquid gold, enjoy a few photos from a recent trip to Bourbon Country. And if Bourbon Country isn’t already on your bucket list, I hope this changes your mind. Cheers!

Buffalo Trace, an aging barrel at Wild Turkey, inside a bourbon warehouse

Aging barrels, on tour at Maker’s Mark, dipping a bottle at Maker’s Mark

Sampling Larceny, the entrance to Jim Beam, opening a barrel to sample at Wild Turkey

Heaven Hill, Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey, Wild Turkey

Sampling from the barrel at Wild Turkey, Knob Creek warehouse, driving to Jim Beam

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