Excellence Through Passion

Standard Final JPG-Robert Mondavi Winery Winemaker Genevieve Janssens.jpgA look at Robert Mondavi’s influence on the winery’s 50th anniversary edition red blend, Maestro.

This year the team at Robert Mondavi Winery are celebrating a huge milestone: 50 years of producing wines that are often held among the best in the world. To commemorate the occasion, Geneviève Janssesns, Director of Winemaking, and her astute team of growers and makers, have created a Bordeaux blend wine named for the man who put not only his winery but Napa Valley as a whole on the world wine map.

“Maestro in definition is to conduct people to the same vision,” Janssens said. “And that’s what Mr. Mondavi did with his winemakers and vineyard managers and all the wineries. We are all dedicated to his vision.” And just as a maestro conducts different instruments of a symphony, Maestro the wine brings together different grapes, terroirs, weather conditions and flavors for a harmonious blend Mr. Mondavi would be proud to showcase. “It’s a classic wine with a very humbled soul,” Janssens said, just like Mr. Mondavi. Classic, humble and unforgettable.Standard Final JPG-Robert Mondavi Winery To Kalon Vineyard and Winery.jpg

Robert Mondavi’s passion for wine is evident in the wines still made at the winery as well as the mindset of the team he left to continue his work. “Mr. Mondavi is so much alive with us,” Janssens said “My hope… is that the new generation will see the wine the way Mr. Mondavi saw it.”

Standard Final JPG-2013 RMW Maestro 750ml Bottle Shot.jpgMaestro is a smooth blend of grapes sourced mostly from the winery’s well-respected vineyards, To Kalon and Wappo Hill. Flavors of juicy black fruit and cherry dance with aromas of mocha. With Mr. Mondavi’s vision in mind, the team created this wine to be wonderfully balanced and delicious right away. It’s easy to enjoy, Janssens said, but you could age it if you wanted—though we suspect it would be hard to put that corkscrew down if you already had a bottle in hand.

Maestro is available in select ABC Fine Wine & Spirits locations throughout the state.

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