Sauvignon Blanc for the Sauvignon Blanc lover

Sauvignon Blanc can be one of two things; a deliberate and energizing dip in a resort’s infinity pool, or an alarming shove into the community pool that you snuck into. Both will cool you off yes, but the nuance of the cool off is what separates great Sauvignon Blanc from bad Sauvignon Blanc. Lofthouse Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough falls into the delightful first category and it might be your new summer sip.

LH_SB_TTalking to Matt Bindel, brand manager, he clued me in to just how perfect this wine is, not only for stellar flavor at a pleasing price, but also for all your summer pool parties, seafood boils and even gifts.

Because Lofthouse vineyards are in some of the best Marlborough growing regions, the blend of grapes makes for carefully crafted Sauvignon Blanc. And they’ve been carefully crafting these riper styles of Sauvignon Blanc since 1981. If a winery has been focusing on one varietal for about 35 years, it’s gotta be good stuff.

They’re the second largest family-owned winery in New Zealand and they practice cropping at lower levels, to get that juicier, fruiter style of Sauvignon Blanc; the style that made the world love this varietal.

Closer to the river grapes develop more of that tropical fruit flavor, like passion fruit, guava, grapefruit and citrus. It might even be that kind of wine that unites young palates and veteran palates, because both groups can appreciate the fruit in it.

Matt mentioned that when people first sip this wine, they love how it tastes (zesty and vibrant, with a base of rich tropical fruit, kaffir lime, lemon grass, herb aromas and a fresh dry finish) but they love what they paid for it even more. Matt encourages people to try a style of Sauvignon Blanc that actually put this varietal on the map, with balanced acidity, minerality and fruit. Make no mistake, this wine is well-priced, but you’re really getting that boutique wine experience.


And as New World wines continue to boom here in the U.S. the future looks bright for this style of Sauvignon Blanc.

Word to the wise: this citrusy, zesty, guava and passion fruit tinted juice pairs best with fresh scallops or snapper, warm beach days and summer bonfire nights.

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