Wine cork planters: Don’t w(h)ine, it’s summer!

The days are longer, the sun is brighter and flowers are blooming. After being long overdue, it is finally summer and it is finally time to do something with all those wine corks you’ve been hoarding. It’s okay, we aren’t judging, we just want to help!

Planter boxes are the perfect way to spruce up your outdoor space and to use up some of those corks. In order to prepare, you are going to need a few things: a planter box, hot glue, potting soil, your pick of plants or flowers and plenty of wine corks. So drink up!

Step 1: Choose your planter depending on the size you are looking for and the location of where you are going to put it.


Step 2: Here is where you get to be creative. You can use stained corks and a variety of cork sizes to come up with your own unique pattern. Use your hot glue gun to attach the corks, in your preferred pattern, to your box.

Step 3: Fill up your planter about halfway with soil. The type of soil you use will vary based on what type of plants you choose.

Step 4: Select a variety of your favorite summer flowers and plants to occupy your new planter. Gloriosa Daisies and Marigolds bloom all summer and would look perfect next to your favorite glass of red wine. Maybe, you’re a rosé kind of gal; Peonies or Dahlia’s would look beautiful next to a glass. Perhaps you don’t discriminate against what type of wine fills your glass. Zinnia’s or succulents will look great next to anything you’re drinking.


Step 5: Plant your flowers into your new planter box by making sure they are surrounded by soil and get lots of water and sunlight.

Now not only do you have a beautiful planter box, but now your friends can admire this summer, but you have the perfect excuse to open another bottle of wine to start collecting for your next box.

Courtney O’Connor, Marketing Intern

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