Island Beer, Island Life

8B354841-812B-4CE7-9350-8EA650B471AD_zpspt6adztqIf you’ve been to the Florida Keys you already know all about the sunshine, the perfect sunsets and the laid back lifestyle but what you might not know about lies nestled in between the palm trees. In fact, if you’ve driven to Key West in the past 2 years you’ve driven right by it and probably not even noticed. Just off of the Overseas Highway on Islamorada, among the palm trees in a yellow and turquoise building is Islamorada Beer Company.

Opened in 2014, Islamorada Beer Company is home to three core beers all of which can be found in select ABC locations, a few blends you can make at home (if you’re able to pick up two of the core brews!) and an assortment of beers you can only get on tap in the tasting room.

The Sandbar Sunday American wheat ale is perhaps their most popular beer and with it’s light citrus flavor paired with it’s refreshing crispness it’s easy to see why. Garnish it with a slice Key lime and relax on the beach (or sandbar) and get the maximum enjoyment out of every sip.


The Islamorada Ale is the perfect blend of hops and citrus making it easy to drink on a hot day. It skews a little on the sweet side but the natural citrus notes make this blonde ale very easy to drink…emphasis on very!


The Channel Marker IPA is a great entry level session IPA. The hoppiness isn’t overpowering and the citrus notes make it simple and pleasant to sip on. It’s lighter in body and bitterness compared to a normal IPA but perfect for watching the sunset.

If you’re looking to get into an “island state of mind” or just looking for a delicious brew to sip on in paradise, stop by and ask your local beer consultant if they can get you an Islamorada Beer Company brew or just look for the bright yellow and turquoise building settled in the palms on Overseas Highway.

Pamela Runsick, Digital Marketing Manager



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