The Pick-Me-Up Week

Returning to the real world after a weekend of sunshine and sleeping in is never easy. Especially during summer, when the beaches call your name and you’d rather be doused in sunscreen than sit through another meeting. Luckily, this is your last loooong week before a fun-filled, 3-day Fourth of July weekend. So on that note, here’s is a little pick-me-up–one for each day leading up to the magical 3-day weekend that awaits.

Monday Pick-Me-Up: Grapefruit Beer

MondayWhether you select a grapefruit IPA like Sam Adams or pour a glass of Schofferhofer, Monday was made for something light and zesty. No need to start the week with something heavy. You do have four more days until the weekend after all.

Tuesday Pick-Me-Up: French Martini

Tuesday.gifIf you keep a well-stocked bar (or bar cart), you probably have all the ingredients for this refreshing cocktail. Combine 2 oz vodka, 1 oz of pineapple juice and 1/4 oz Chambord in a shaker with ice. Shake until chilled, then strain into your favorite cocktail glass. Sip straight away or add a crazy straw. You’ve earned it.

Wednesday Pick-Me-Up: Rosé

WednesdayIn keeping with the lighter to heavier trend we started Monday, end Wednesday with a glass of chilled rosé. In general, rosé pairs well with salads, chicken and grilled fish. Toss a few veggies and some meat on the grill and relax as the sun sets, getting you one day closer to the weekend. Here’s a great bottle to open on a Wednesday night. Happy hump day.

Thursday Pick-Me-Up: Growler

ThursdayThe light is at the end of the tunnel. Get your growler filled at one of our 20+ Brew Stop locations and call your friends over for a pint. With up to 12 craft beers available on draft at each Brew Stop location, the choice is yours to make Thursday a worthy celebration.

Friday Pick-Me-Up: Drinker’s Choice

FridayBut may we make a suggestion? All weekend long, ABC Rewards members get a deeper discount on a big bottle of Smirnoff. Everyone else pays $17.99. Rewards members pay $15.99. No coupon necessary. Don’t have an account? Sign up for one today in preparation for this weekend’s Smirnoff discount!

How are you celebrating this week? Tweet us @abcwinecountry!

Meghan Guarino, copywriter

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