Icon of the Andes

Bodegas Trivento is the Argentine property of Concha y Toro, South American wine-producing powerhouse. But when you really stop to think about why a wine is fantastic, you’re forced to consider the soil, the temperature, the humidity… in short, the terroir. Further, the terroir can’t just come together on its own and blend and bottle the wine. There must be the loving hands and heart of a human behind the grapes and its juice. German di Cesare is that human behind Bodegas Trivento’s Amado Sur Malbec Blend.


German is known for his warmth and spontaneity, which translates into his wines. German was born in the city of Mendoza and grew up in a small neighborhood called Barrio Fuchs. He was a playful child, always running around outside. In his teenage year he’d go horseback riding with friends or meet up with different female friends. These years were spent in the vineyards listening to and playing traditional Argentine folk music. “The wine and the folk music, they’re always together, and when you get done riding the horses, you make a BBQ and you drink some wine.”

His high school education parlayed into oenology and horticulture, but it was the bloodline of his grandfather that might be responsible for his current career path. But he insists that even if his grandfather wasn’t in wine, he says he would still be a winemaker.

German wanted the world to know how versatile this wine is. “The blend of Malbec, Bonarda and Syrah make for very elegant, complex and modern wine.” He elaborated a little more on modern wine, mentioning that the fruitiness of each variety and the place where each grape comes from is crucial, but the Old World characteristics of oak gaining make the wine New World and Old World balanced.

This floral red is ripe with juicy blackberry, raspberry and plum notes supported by medium tannins. The finish grips the palate and unfolds hints of mulled spice and licorice. Pair it with beef, duck, game and tomato-based sauces.

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