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Hey Orlando! We have news.

Big news.

Shipt GifWe partnered with Shipt to deliver wine, spirits and beer to your door. That’s right. Wine delivered. Vodka delivered. IPAs, lagers, growlers delivered.

And that’s not all. Shipt will also happily deliver all the mixers and ingredients you need to complete any cocktail. Learn more about Shipt and sign up for a membership here. After that, place your first order and start celebrating with one of these 3 easy-to-make cocktails. The best part? The ingredients for all of these can be delivered right to your door, courtesy of Shipt.

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A Cocktail for Wine Lovers//Tropical Mimosa

Mimosa2 cups Orange Juice
(Tropicana Orange Juice 64oz, $5.59 on Shipt!)
1 cup Pineapple Juice
(Dole Pineapple Juice 59oz, $3.99 on Shipt!)
1 750mL bottle Chilled Sparkling Wine
(May we suggest Collalto Prosecco Extra Dry? A 750mL is only $14.99 on Shipt!)

Stir OJ and pineapple juice together. Add equal parts juice and sparkling wine to each glass. Serve throughout brunch.

A Cocktail for Beer Drinkers//Boilermaker

beerBasil Hayden’s Bourbon
(750mL, $47.99 on Shipt!)
(Try Yuengling Lager, 24pk for $20.99 on Shipt!)

You can serve this any way you please: drop a shot glass full of bourbon in a pint glass of beer, sip the bourbon then the beer or stir the two together. It’s tasty any way you serve it.

A Cocktail for Mixology Masters//Negroni

negroni1.5 oz London Dry Gin
(Try Pinnacle’s version for $17.99 (1.75L) on Shipt!)
.75 oz Campari
(Get a 750mL bottle for $29.99 on Shipt!)
.75 oz Vermouth
(Tribuno Sweet Vermouth 750mL, $4.99 on Shipt!)

Combine ingredients in a glass over ice. Stir and garnish with an orange twist.

Love mixing cocktails? Enter for your chance to win a mixology set! Get all the dirty martini details here.

Note: Product selection may vary by location.

Meghan Guarino, copywriter


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