The rules(?) of beer

All beer starts out as a dream or a vision from a beer lover. Some blood, sweat and tears with fresh ingredients mixed in with a little trial and error. Add time to that magical mixture and eventually a great craft beer is born.


What makes a beer great?

Is it the newest trend, the rarest beer, the hottest brewery, top-rated, or the coolest packaging? The answer is no. You decide if the beer is great or not. Not everyone is going to like everything but that does not mean you are drinking bad beer. Obviously beer can go bad: if it is expired, exposed to heat or light, was not stored properly, or if it was not packaged properly. Remember beer was made to be enjoyed so enjoy it!

How do I find a great beer?

Trial and error… lots of trial and error! Luckily, ABC Fine & Spirits allows you make your own Mix N Match 6 pack of beer. Start with choosing brews from a style you currently enjoy and try different beers from other breweries, even though it is a particular style every beer does not taste exactly the same. Are you going to love every beer you try? Absolutely not and that is okay. Once you have experienced a variety you will know right away what you love and do not, then you can branch off from that style and try something new.

Now what?

Enjoy your great beer, that’s the best part. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. We all different palates, celebrate what you love not what you dislike. And most important as always… enjoy responsibly!

Heather Rogers, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Tampa

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