Something New from an Old Friend

giovana tantini 005Italy is a country with no shortage of beautiful places to visit. Certainly one of my best-loved spots in Northern Italy is Lake Garda. Picturesque villages, medieval castles and lakeside promenades dot the shoreline of Italy’s largest lake.

The hills surrounding the lake are also home to some of Italy’s best known wines. Soave, Valpolicella and to a lesser extent Bardolino are household names that can be found in most quality wine shops here in the U.S.

071In the municipality of Castelnuovo del Garda, winemaker Giovanna Tantini owns 19 hectares of vineyards on the shores of Lake Garda. From these picturesque vineyards Giovanna produces Bardolino DOC ($15), Chiaretto (rosé) ($15) DOC and two unique IGT wines named after her children Ettore ($24) and Gretta.

Giovanna is widely considered one of the superstars of the region. She is constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of her wines as well as seeking out new opportunities. Because some of Giovanna’s vineyards are within the Custoza DOC boundaries she can also produce Bianco di Custoza and that is precisely what she has done starting with the 2013 vintage.

giovana tantini 003At ABC Fine Wine & Spirits we have proudly sold Giovanna’s award winning wines for more than 10 years now. Her Custoza DOC ($16) is her only white wine and her first new addition to our portfolio since 2006. A unique blend of 70% Garganega, 15% Trebbiano Toscano, 10% Trebbianello and 5% Chardonnay, Giovanna Tantini Custoza is simply delicious. It is medium-bodied with notes of almonds and green apples followed by refreshing acidity. Try this appealing new offering with antipasti, pasta primavera or grilled fish.

Paul Quaglini, Wine & Spirits Sales Manager

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