Back to School Cocktail

Congrats Leo.gifCongratulations to all the parents who have made it to the first day of school! You’ve packed the pencils, made lunches, labeled binders and now you’re on autopilot until next summer.

You have arrived.

You have made it to earlier bed times and mandatory reading schedules. You have made it back to the months of more silence. You deserve a celebratory cocktail.

And since your kids may have a tutor (or even be tutors themselves), we don’t see why you shouldn’t have one too. Meet Charlotte, your cocktail tutor for the day. The drink she’ll talk to you through is The Hendrick’s Southside, a refreshing, lightly flavored, gin-based cocktail that will start your school year off to a great start.

That doesn’t seem too hard, right? We hope you took notes!

Order your gin online here or stop by your local ABC to pick up one tonight!

Meghan Guarino, copywriter

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