Beer Olympics

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Just an awesome photo from the 1982 Olympics to get you in the spirit

With the Olympic games surging on and the weekend upon us, it’s time to start making plans and deciding on a few beers for the occasion. I present to you the semi-ultimate list of beer and Olympic sport pairings.


We’ve all thought it: Why is badminton even in the Olympics? And until you actually see the game played, you won’t know. The shuttlecock is quick and the players have to be precise. I totally get it. It’s like a gose. You don’t understand it until you try it.


One of the most watched sports, swimming takes on a whole new fan base when the Olympics come around. Same with pilsners, though their popularity is by the season and it doesn’t take four long years to get there.


These athletes are big, bold and while the sport may not be as televised as others, it’s definitely a staple at the Olympic games. We’ve paired weightlifting with a stout for all those reasons.


Is this the most popular Olympic sport? Is IPA the most popular style of beer? Well, it depends on who you ask. But be prepared when you do–gymnastics fans and IPA lovers are similar in their resolve. They know what they like and that’s that.

volleyballBeach Volleyball//Lager

The sport is more fun to watch than it might sound if you didn’t grow up watching volleyball. Same with lagers. There is a resurgence of lagers in the craft world and we totally get it–with a little spunk, these beers can be a lot of fun to explore.

Track & Field//Pale Ale

Tried and true, track & field has been in the Olympics since the beginning. (No joke–the earliest games include a discus throw, running events and jumping.) They’re kind of the standard, like a good pale ale. The style can have a wide range of flavor–just like the sport has a variety of events–and a well-made pale ale is hard to beat.


This may not be synchronized, but it shows exactly what I’m talking about.

Synchronized Diving//Sour

Do we even need to explain this pairing? Synchronized diving is really awesome to watch–especially when done right. One small mistake, however, and you’re watching the world’s greatest cannonball contest. Sip a sour when watching this event.

We didn’t mention canoeing, table tennis, basketball, soccer and so many more. Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter what beer your favorite Olympic sport should be paired with!

Meghan Guarino, copywriter

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