An Evening with Earth, Wind & Fire

Chateau Ste Michelle.jpgWalking up to the Chateau Ste Michelle winery, you are first greeted with beautiful grape vines, towering trees and Mt. Rainier standing tall in the background. On this particular evening people were sitting on the grass all over the grounds waiting with excitement for the Earth, Wind & Fire concert to start. Each person relaxing on the grass had a bottle of wine next to them and there wasn’t an empty glass in sight. The wide variety of wines offered in the store made it easy to enjoy everything that Chateau Ste Michelle had to offer. The reception before the concert had an impressive selection of food and wine that kept you satisfied until the concert was ready to start.

When everyone had their fill of food and wine we were escorted to the top of the hill where we were greeted with the dessert table and more wine to enjoy. The opening band got everyone warmed up for the evening to come, the skillful guitar and elegant vocals of the lead singer echoed off the beautiful green hills surrounding the concert venue. When their set was finished and Earth, Wind & Fire came on, not a single person was sitting. Everyone was dancing and singing along to the music that they came to hear. Each song seemed to pair perfectly with the different wines that were being poured, which brought the experience to a whole new level.

The concert was the perfect end to this trip through Washington state; being exposed to the vineyards firsthand really put what it takes to make a bottle of wine into perspective.  The diversity of the land and what Chateau Ste Michelle is able to do with such a unique part of the world is astounding and is proof as to why Washington state makes such complex wines. It was an experience that won’t be forgotten.

Charlotte Solomon, Wine & Spirits Specialist – Atlantic Beach

2 thoughts on “An Evening with Earth, Wind & Fire

  1. Jon Phillips says:

    After spending tens of thousands of dollars at ABC Unfortunately I will no longer be able to do so. My store manager has refused to fulfill an obligation of a wine donation for a wine dinner for 12 people this weekend. This is the Naples Store in Florida. This was a bundled wine dinner of the Caterer, Rental Company, Photographer and ABC Wine. The charity was for March of Dimes and the dinner raised $5000.00. Its now time for all vendors to step up as the dinner is now scheduled. ABC have now chosen not to contribute. The Manager of the store I spoke with has since left and the new manager and area manager refuse to fulfill the obligation having received the credit at the auction and subsequent dinner. Shame on ABC !!!

    • meghangabc says:

      Hi Jon, I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience at our Naples location. In regards to donations and contributions for events and organizations, we do have a process at our Store Support Center for these types of requests. Please email if you are interested in the guidelines for submitting donation requests. Thank you!

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