Hurricane prep

Hermine wasn’t the first and she definitely won’t be the last. We’re at the height of hurricane season, fellow Floridians, and things could go one of two ways: swimmingly well or not so much. Not to say that we’re not used to it by now… The rest of the world sits anxiously huddled around their TVs, sending us their thoughts and prayers. What do we do? Stock up on water, beanie weenies and booze.

hurricane prep

You will need the water and the beanie weenies to get through the soggy weeks ahead. But there are three things you’re going to want in order to properly battle the coming months of rain, wind and cancelled school/work days.

  1. Rain boots

By rain boots we mean, a boot and by a boot we mean Das Boot. Like grab a huge, tall glass and fill it with beer. Or just stop by one of our Brew Stop locations and load up a 64 oz. beer-toting jug with our freshest beer selections. We have approximately 20 Brew Stop growler filling stations across the state ready to fill your growlers (boots) with something delicious. Check out our locations here.


  1. A boat

A boat with a rudder will allow you to travel over any flooded roads, but a boatload of wine will allow you to travel to your happy place. With all of our crazy 8 pricing and yummy selection of only the best wines, we make it affordable and easy to get that stock up pile necessary for the storms. Check out our Cheers To You monthly flyer for current deals. Just make sure you stay alert enough to watch for any unidentified floating objects.

200 (1)

  1. An unsinkable attitude

Look, you can either take these storms with a grain of salt or make the best of every drop of rain that falls. By heading out to our stores before the storms hit, you’ll not only be the most progressive hurricane party planner in the state, you’ll harbor a sense of satisfaction that will last long beyond the rage of the coming ‘canes. Choose wisely and stock up now!

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Allie Smallwood, Marketing Copywriter

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