The most exciting visit to a Napa property… ever!

On June 2, our ABC Fine Wine Team drove up the steep Mount Veeder Road almost all the way to the top where we were warmly greeted by Robert Jennings, the proprietor of the beautiful and impressive Paratus Vineyard, in the prestigious Mount Veeder appellation. It was a great pleasure to be there; we were in for a treat.


Paratus vineyards are pinnacle territory where only select few have a foothold. Paratus sits on the very top of the quality pyramid! The wine is produced from a dry-farmed, 12-acre single vineyard of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes planted on a steep slope (over 35˚ incline), on top of Mount Veeder. Dry farming (the norm in France) is extremely rare practice in California, produces small, dark berries of great intensity. At Paratus the vine roots have now reached an average depth of 30 feet and are ‘drinking’ the same pure water from the aquafer as the surrounding redwoods forest. Paratus is the symbiosis between the redwoods and the vines nestled in-between, resulting in the most amazing terroir. Paratus is a rare gem and a true Grand Cru!
Robert Jennings is deeply passionate about his Paratus vineyard and committed to work in harmony alongside nature and its rhythms and patterns, to listen more closely to it and to understand and preserve it. In his words:  “In Latin, our name [Paratus] means prepared, ready. It represents our commitment to mindful preparation of soil, vines and grapes – a triumphant trifecta that creates estate-grown cabernets with a luxurious balance of velvety texture, finely woven tannins and deep, dark fruited flavors.”

Currently available at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is the 2011 Paratus Mt Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon, which will be followed shortly by the 2012 vintage (released this month), priced at only $79.99 and available in select stores.

Atanas Nechkov, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Sales Manager

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