Junk food + wine

In the depths of every human heart lies a deep-seated adoration for junk food. Some hearts even have a compartment like this for wine as well. While Chef Boyardee is hardly the Italian cuisine you’d want to pour expensive wine for—or even box wine, for that matter, there exists some incredible junk food pairings that are not to be missed.

Ray Isle, Food & Wine’s executive wine editor, wrote an entire article for CNN.com on the best wines to pair with doughnuts and Slim Jims. If you don’t trust us, trust this guy. His first recommendation is the ever- elegant combination of Champagne and French fries. We know, it might be a far cry from oysters and caviar, but believe me: after your first introduction, you’ll never want to eat beef jerky without red wine again.



Photo courtesy of Marie Claire


Popcorn + Sparkling wine

The bubbles in your mouth emulate the pop/crunch of the treat so it’s definitely a pairing of texture as well.  Sparkling wine, especially one that isn’t too sweet, will cut right through the buttery richness of the popcorn, prepping your mouth for the next handful of salty heaven.

Cheese puffs + Lambrusco

Lambrusco has made a little come back in recent months. Pair it with anything cheese and you’ve got a no-brainer lip smacking sesh. Since the wine is a bit like Pinot Noir in that it’s light and jammy, cheese puffs pair well for the same reason cheddar does. Plus,  it’s hard to stop eating cheese puffs and it’s hard to stop drinking Lambrusco. The math is easy.

Chocolate candy bar + Cabernet Sauvignon

Candy bars are dense, rich and satisfying; kind of like Cabernet. The deep flavors of this wine will complement any caramel swirl or chocolate coated nougat. But keep in mind, the richer the chocolate, the better the pairing.

Know of some other fab junk food and wine pairings? Comment below and tell us your favorite snack and wine combinations!

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