Ryder Cup Favorites

The Ryder Cup is in full swing and we’re hunkering down for two more long days of competitive golf. But while the pros battle it out for a trophy, our “Ryder Cups” are aching for something to hold. Here are our favorite drinks for watching this weekend’s matches.


The perfect set of beers for the 19th hole, GolfBeer offers three very drinkable brews made right here in Florida, each in collaboration with the golfer named on the label. Freddie’s Scandinavian Style Blonde Ale is a golden ale brewed with Crystal malts and European hops, with a refreshing, clean finish. The other two brews follow suit with low ABVs and refreshing bodies. G-Mac’s Celtic Style Pale Ale has the highest ABV of the three with 5% and shows notes of citrus, while Keegan Bradley’s New England Style Lager brings a little color to the mix—this amber lager is medium-bodied and complex while maintaining a nice, balanced flavor profile.

The Goose Wines

Goose Cab SAuv.jpgFamed golf pro Retief Goosen began making wines a few years ago in his native South Africa. ABC is fortunate to have four of his incredible wines available for our guests online and in select store locations:

You can read more about Retief’s winery and The Goose Expression here.

Arnold Palmer

We can’t make it through a golf post without a salute to the late, great Arnold Palmer. Combine equal parts lemonade and iced tea in a tall glass filled with ice. (Add vodka to make it a John Daly. We recommend Tito’s for it’s smoothness.)


What are you sipping during this weekend’s tournament? Tweet us @abcwinecountry!

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