Giorgi + Libby’s Legacy

Two of our favorite Italian wines, Giorgi Pink Platino and Giorgi Moscarosa Sweet Rosé, are bright, fresh and very pink. Giorgi Pink Platino ($19.99) features bright apple notes on a lively palate all bottled in a brilliantly flashy pink bottle—it’s hard to miss. On the other hand, Giorgi Moscarosa Sweet Rosé ($13.99) has a more subdued label, but don’t take that for more subdued wine. Bright acidity, slight fizz and rich red fruit notes are framed by honeyed aromas in this blended rosé.

Not only are these vinos perfect for October because of their body and flavor, but for every bottle sold all month long, $1 will be donated to Libby’s Legacy in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Libby’s Legacy is an Orlando-based nonprofit organization founded to “provide comprehensive breast health care to the underserved Central Florida community through education, mammograms, follow up diagnostics and Hope Coaches on the journey from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.” Learn more about what Libby’s Legacy has funded and is working toward here.



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