Cigar Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Have you ever found yourself in a bit of bind? You have this great cigar, but no way to cut it, light it, or even store it. What does one do in this situation? Here are a few tricks that may come in handy one day!



  • How do you light a cigar without a wooden match or butane lighter?

Always keep a few pieces of cedar with you for an emergency. You can get cedar at any cigar retailor, it’s used in most cigar boxes as a divider. Simply break off a piece and light it, use the lit end to light your cigar and now your cigar will not taste like lighter fluid.

  • How do you cut a cigar without a cutter?

While this could be a major problem, some may say to bite the tip off. Definitely do not bite your cigar! You could use something such as pencil or an end of a paper clip to act as a punch. Use extreme caution not to damage the cigar, but this will work in an emergency.

  • How do you store cigars without a humidor?

You can make a temporary humidor by dampening a paper towel with distilled water. Place it on one side of a clean plastic container, place your cigars on the opposite side (keep them in the cellophane), and then place the lid on top but do not seal it. Remember this is meant for a temporary storage –  too much moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow or make for soggy cigars.

  • Never store cigars in your refrigerator!

This will actually dry out your cigars. Always store your cigars at a 70-degree temperature and 70% humidity for best results.

  • How do I find a cigar right for me?

Start mild and go from there and experiment. Talk to other cigar smokers or a certified Tobacconist. Never judge a cigar by its’ wrapper, dark wrappers do not necessarily mean a bold bodied cigar. Also, price does not always mean better either.

  • Always use distilled water for your humidor. Distilled water is pure and contains no minerals that will “gunk” up your humidor. Never use tap water.
  • Cigars taste better with your favorite drink! Whether it is wine, beer, or your favorite spirit you can pair it nicely with a cigar.

Heather Rogers, Tobacconist – Tampa

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