Trick(y) Treats: Halloween candy and the wines that pair with them

We have all heard that wine pairs well with chocolate, but what about coconut? Peanut butter? Candy corn? Living in a college town, I always find myself with copious amounts of candy leftover come November 1st. This year I wasn’t going to buy any candy seeing as I knew that no cute little ghouls would be upon my doorstep this All Hallows’ Eve, but then, a curiosity awakened. In the name of science, I was going to eat candy and drink wine.



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I came across countless articles on this topic, all with different answers. So, in the end, I had to research deeper. This Halloween, I was going to be a guinea pig. I chose traditional Halloween treats that contained different flavor components. I decided on: White Chocolate Kit Kat, Mounds, Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and candy corn. My hypothesis: White chocolate/Chardonnay, coconut/Shiraz, Snicker’s/Pinot Noir, Reese’s/Pinot Noir, candy corn/Sparkling Rosé.

Jackie Chardonnay ($19.99) went along harmoniously with the white chocolate Kit Kat. The acidity of the Chardonnay was mellowed out by the richness of the white chocolate without losing its buttery, citrus forward flavors. This Chardonnay accentuates the nuttiness of the wafer and balanced out the sweetness level. Off to a good start! The dense dark chocolate of the Mounds bar held up evenly with the lusciously full-bodied Tait Ball Buster ($18.99). The tropical coconut of the candy is highlighted by the subtle spice and raspberry notes of this Aussie bold. Two for two.

Nougat, caramel, peanuts and PINOT! Who knew? The golden caramel balances the acidity of the Fleur Carneros Pinot Noir ($17.99). The subtle salt from the peanuts honor the abounding spice that linger on the finish. Three out of three, now onto something I thought I’d never dread, peanut butter.  To be candid, I was going to omit this candy from my list. I racked my brain thinking of a wine that would match with with these devious delights. Alas, the Fleur Carneros Pinot Noir ($17.99) although rich with raspberry ripeness proved to be too light bodied to hold up against the creamy pipedream. It needed something sweet; perhaps the ample viscosity of a French Muscat can match the concentrated cups and bewitch this troublesome confectionery. The incantation worked! The Domaine De La Pigeade Muscat De Venise ($19.99) is a perfect partner for Reese’s. They complement one another exquisitely.

Last but not least, the good ole’ yellow, orange and white. The candy corn sadly did not synchronize with the Collalto Rose ($16.99), no matter, I still love that rosé.

The white chocolate Kit Kat with the Jackie Chardonnay came in as winner. The oaky vanilla attributes played well with the white creamy white chocolate. All in all, I’ll take my three out of five correct, my sugar high and my wine buzz. Happy Halloween!

Rosé, Celebration Specialist – Gainesville

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