Florida Beer Friday: Tampa Bay Reef Donkey

Florida is all about ocean life and after a day of either swimming, boating, fishing or any other outside activity that Floridians love to do, there’s no better way to quench your thirst with a Tampa Bay Brewing Reef Donkey. This is an American pale ale that has the hop ReefDonkey0001.jpgflavor of an IPA but the smoothness of a classic Ale. When savoring this beer, you can taste tropical fruit flavors lasting on the tip of your tongue but not overpowering. This medium golden color beer pairs well with almost anything though my favorite would be with seafood. A lobster roll, shrimp of any kind and even your favorite fish recipe. With an ABV of only 5.5%, this is an all-day drinkable beer.

Beer: Tampa Bay Brewing Reef Donkey

Style: American pale ale (APA)

Look: Golden hues

Aroma: Lemon/lime, tropical fruit

Flavor: Tropical fruit on the tip of your tongue, though it is not overpowering

Tripp Dickinson, craft beer enthusiast


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