DiGiorgio Family Wines

When Stefano DiGiorgio, the founding father of DiGiorgio wines, arrived in Australia from Italy in 1952 he might not have expected to pioneer powerhouse that is DiGiorgio today.

Covering vast lands and including cattle, sheep and wool production, they have special interest in horticulture (in addition to the viticulture, of course).


The DiGiorgio family, comprised of Stefano, his wife Rita and their four children, Frank, Nanni, Anna and Nicky, are proud owners of the second oldest winery in the world-famous Coonawarra district. Each family works passionately in the family business, and together they’ve proved to be a formidable team.


“You cannot make great wine from ordinary grapes,” says the corporate culture of DiGiorgio. They believe that lower yields and maximization of varietal expression are the secrets to quality wine production. Staying true to this belief, the family vineyard development and management practices are top priority, and include:

▪Regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) to maintain minimal levels of irrigation, thereby achieving more intense varietal expression and concentration of fruit flavor. Both electric and machine-driven irrigation systems are backed up by each other to provide accurate irrigation scheduling

▪Inter-row planting of fine grasses to create a balanced environment with a view to increase weed competition and reduce vine vigor, again resulting in greater fruit intensity

▪Minimal use of herbicides, pesticides and general agri-chemicals while recognizing that quality must not be compromised by the invasion of pests or diseases

▪Canopy management practices including trimming to maximize air flow and reduce the incidence of disease before chemical usage.

▪A commitment to sustained ripening of the fruit through to vintage with the investment of frost protection through both overhead sprinklers and frost fansimg_0706

▪Annual audits of vineyards to maintain the Quality Assured Grape Grower status
Coonawarra, Lucindale and Frank comprise their wineries. We’re particularly fond of their 2013 Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon and their 2013 Coonawarra Shiraz.









coonawarra-real-cabThe Cab  

Wine Style: Full bodied dry red

Color: Deep crimson, almost opaque with purple highlights Nose               Blueberry, blackcurrant and boysenberry fruit aromas with vanilla and spice characters resulting from extended maturation in very tight grained oak barrels.

Palate: Lifted blackcurrant and black olives, with soft, fine tannins and ample sweet fruit flavors. A persistent finish with toasty, spicy oak spilling onto the palate.

coonawarra-cabThe Shiraz

Wine Style: Full bodied dry red

Color: Deep crimson with purple hues

Nose: Bouquet shows raspberry, spice and cracked pepper aromas with charry citrus notes from the oak

Palate: Deliciously ripe raspberry, mulberry and licorice flavors mingle with nuances of black pepper, chocolate and spice, finishing with smooth velvety tannins and toasty vanilla oak.

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